10th November 2015: The BrainStormers have launched a crowdfunding campaign to sponsor their trip to Zurich for Cybathlon 2016. Check it out and support them!

11th May 2015: The Communication Office of the University of Essex has interviewed Davide and Ana regarding their research, including Cybathlon.

1st April 2015: Professor Riccardo Poli has been appointed BCI group coordinator.

30th March 2015: Davide and Ana recently won Hack the Brain, the first UK Hackathon dedicated to projects related to Brain-Computer Interfaces, by developing WinkIt, an app to control the smartphone by means of eye winks. Read more…

29th January 2015: The interview to the team Brainstormers has been published here.

18th November 2014: A group of freelance journalists interviewed our Cybathlon team BrainStormers about our plans to face the competition.

Interview Ana

11th July 2014: Congratulations to Javier Asensio-Cubero who passed his viva, with a thesis entitled “Multiresolution Analysis over Graphs for Brain-Computer Interfacing”.


Do you want to know more about BCI? In this video we tried to answer to common questions related to BCI.

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