Our Lab comprises 70m2 within the School of CSEE plus additional space for our PhD students.

The lab is divided in four experimental areas, one of the them being shielded against EM interference. It is one of the best equipped labs for non-invasive BCI research in Europe.

Our equipment includes:

  • 11 EEG systems: three Biosemi ActiveTwo systems (one with 128-channels and two with 64-channels), two 32-channel gTech systems, one 10-channel wireless gTec system with active electrodes, three dry-electrode systems (two 20-channel Enobios and one 9-channel Quasar), one 24-channel Mindset system, and one Emotiv Epoc for UG student projects.
  • a Biosemi 130-channel HD EMG system
  • a 24-channel Artinis near infra-red system
  • a 16-channel Nexus system (12 bipolar EMG channels + BVP + GSR + respiration)
  • two Jazz eye trackers
  • a MagStim BitStim transcranial magnetic stimulation system
  • a Bebionics myoelectric prosthetic hand
  • an eMove4 assitive officer chair
  • many Biometrics Ltd electrogoniometers and accelerometers
  • two Edubot robotic manipulators
  • three Lego NXT robots
  • three virtual reality systems
  • 4 Bionics electrical-control medical chairs, aside from the necessary computer equipment to interface with the above devices.

We also have a 182-processor Viglen/Rocks cluster dedicated to our research in addition to 10 dedicated computers and 5 Terastations for data storage.

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