Recent Media Appearances

Dr Davide Valeriani has been interviewed by BBC Essex regarding a recent publication co-authored with Dr Caterina Cinel and Prof Riccardo Poli: audio below

Dr Luca Citi and Dr Ana Matran-Fernandez have been interviewed by BBC CrowdScience: audio below and video here

Piece on the BrainStormers’s results on the University of Essex page: Article


Interview on BBC Radio 4’s “You & Yours” about Cybathlon: Podcast (Cybathlon starts at 20:58; interview with our team at 26:13)

BBC Radio 4

Interview on BBC Radio 4’s “You & Yours” about the BrainStormers: Podcast (the bit on Cybathlon starts at 20:34)

Interview on ITV Anglia about the Essex Brainstormers team competing in the Cybathlon 2016: Article with video


Interview by a group of independent journalists about the Essex Brainstormers: Article with video

See the website of the RoBoSAS (Robotics, BCI and Secure Adaptive Systems) project (in collaboration with NASA JPL) for many recent media appearances.

Older Media Appearances

  • AABAC (Adaptive Asynchronous Brain-Actuated Control) Project on The Sunday Telegraph (20.07.2008): Article with video
  • BCI Mouse project on The Engineer (26.02.2008): Article
  • Short piece in the New Scientist magazine (21.02.2007): Includes work by us and by our colleagues in the Netherlands. Article